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I think a great way to judge someone character is by  how their friends would describe them!  
SO, What words would my friends choose to describe me? Loyal, thoughtful, honest, caring energetic, witty, creative, passionate, reliable, and motivated.

 It's no secret I have a small obsession for Butterflies! In Loving Memory of My Mom!

When I am not working as a respiratory therapist or hanging out with amazing couples capturing magical memories, I'M chilling with my amazing Husband, and fur-babies! Mother of 4 yes 4 tiny fur babies. Wife to one truly amazing man also known as STAD to my 3 wonderful children. A few ways I indulge myself absolutely top on the list 1. Dark Chocolate Pretzel Crisps, you absolutely must try these! Second Thursday Night Grey's Anatomy. Last exploring all the amazing landscapes, mountains, beaches, and waterfalls the PNW has graciously blessed us with. When the winter cold gets a little too much and we need a little break and some sunshine we head back to our second home Florida!

Whats Most important to me? Family and Love I am an avid believer that without those, Life truly has little meaning!
I can truly, wholeheartedly profess that I am completely addicted to the emotions that come with being a part of your the wedding day. Capturing the sparkle in your eye & the crinkle on your nose as your love leans in to whisper an inside joke that makes you cackle like nobody’s business. Or when a tear slides down your mother’s cheek, silently, as she watches your Father, her beloved husband, walk you down the aisle. Capturing these cherished moments that we may not even be aware of at the moment- that is my biggest passion. THOSE are the moments I live for.

The phrase “high on love” is my life. It is a gift to witness the union of marriage. It is a huge adrenaline rush for me to share in wedding day moments filled with emotions of, joy and happiness. It’s truly an intoxicating feeling that fills my soul, leaving me wanting more! That's why I LOVE what I do! 

Can't wait to hear more about you and yours! Your Love Story, hobbies and what you envision as the perfect wedding day!

Hey There! I'm Kimberly. Lover of ALL things outdoors. 

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